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Amarnath Yatra - One of the holy trinity, Shiva is a living god. The most sacred and most ancient book of India, the Rig Veda evokes his presence in its hymns, Vedic Myths, rituals and even testify to his existance from the dawn of time. .... ...Read More

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Amarnath Yatra: Visiting the Supreme Power of Universe!

Imagine going on a trek that despite being the most terrifying is crammed with natural vistas and ends into a tranquil land that is the sojourn of Supreme power of the Universe!

Amidst the humongous peaks of Himalayas is the pious dwelling of the Living lord Shiva and his consort goddess Parvati, the Amarnath caves. Amarnath yatra trek is a sacred tour embarked by pilgrims to have glance of Baba Barfani, the frozen phallic idol of Lord Shiva. The immoderate pathways and perilous climatic changes do not shake the devotion of pilgrims in the lord. Moreover with every passing moment and every step taken the determination to seek the glimpse of Lord himself becomes a privilege. The sacrosanct cave of Amarnath shrine is a wonder in itself. The presence of the supreme power can undeniably felt here.

Amarnath Yatra is believed to be the most pious trek to attain salvation. It is the sanctity of this shrine that attracts thousands of people from across the world, who visit the shrine just to pay obeisance to the destroyer of the universe, Lord Shiva.

An experience of a lifetime, the trek to this shrine entails death-defying mountainous paths and extremely unfriendly climate which adds a streak of adventure to this otherwise spiritual journey. The sanctity of the place is at its peak during Shraavan, the monsoon month in Hindu calendar. As an ultimate place of attaining salvation, the shrine has since time immemorial been a blissful place that satiates the spirituality of devotees. The serene environs of the shrine are second to none and bestow every tourist with an experience that is treasured for life ahead.

The Amarnath Yatra trek is a bundle of adventure, mesmerizing landscapes and tedious pathways that end up at the heaven like abode of Lord Shiva. The sanctity of the place makes it a perfect destination for those who quest for peace and tranquility. The legendary significance of the shrine is well known, but what is not known and cannot be summed up in words either is the superlative aesthetics of the trek. Its sanctity might attract devotees but the serene environs, snow clad peaks and tedious pathways make it an ultimate destination for adventure seekers.

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